Mirror’s Edge

As far as I’m concerned, the only reason to really pick up this game is if you have a free one-day rental somewhere. Mirror’s Edge has failed to impress me.

Platform: PS3*/Xbox/PC
Genre: Action/Adventure
Players: 1
ESRB: Teen (Blood, Language, Violence)

Mirror’s Edge is set in a futuristic society with heavy government crackdown. You play as F
aith, one of many runners who carry messages across the city, specializing in evading police forces. The gameplay is based mostly on free-running with some sparse gunplay.

Graphically, nothing super impressive. Lots of blocks and lots of neutral colors. This does, however, create a cool contrast with the colorful gloves and clothing of Faith, who’s arms and legs are visible as you run from a first-person perspective. Important spots that you need to get to to continue moving through the level are also usually bright red or blue. These are not as helpful as one might think.

Often, one will still find oneself struggling to figure out the next goal, and if you haven’t played the level a number of times through, it’s quick to present a trial-and-error sort of gameplay, which is where the time trials come in. After you get through the quick and simple story mode (which, I might note, is incredibly frustrating trying to complete without firing a weapon on any difficulty other than the easiest…), a perfectionist can play through the levels as time trials. This has never been an endeavor of mine in such games, but if it’s your thing, then you’ll probably enjoy this a great deal more than I did.

Speaking of the story mode, it kind of sucks. There’s not a whole lot to it. Faith’s sister is framed for a murder of a hopeful mayoral candidate, and through a string of events Faith uncovers a project to lure out and eliminate the Runners. It’s presented in cutscenes between levels, and you just kind of run from place to place and away from stuff, so you’re really hardly involved. Those cutscenes are presented in an anime style as opposed to how you play the game, which is kind of neat I guess.

You’re rarely carrying a gun – one can only be procured from disarming someone else. There’s an achievement/trophy for completing the game without shooting anyone. Do this on the easiest difficulty level. I’m not kidding.

The gameplay is pretty solid. You’ll never have a lot of trouble making a jump or have issues with responsiveness. If you are, you’re probably trying to get to the wrong spot, which is by far the most frustrating aspect of the game. But it plays well, sure.

But the time trials are the core of this game, which, in my opinion, grants it a limited appeal. I finished it in a day and I’ve never even considered touching it again.

Bottom Line: 6.75/10

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