Get OnLive-ing Your Life and Stop Whining

I want to address the whole Gamestop deal with Deux Ex. For those who don’t know, new copies of Deus Ex: Human Revolution came bundled with codes for a free PC version through OnLive, Square Enix’s PC gaming service. Unless you bought it at Gamestop. In that case, the code had been torn out in anticipation of Gamestop launching it’s own service in the near future, making OnLive a direct competitor.

Just had a thought: My Portal 2 code for Steam was untouched…

Anyway, a lot of people got really ticked about this, and for good reason I suppose. After all, the consumer paid the full price for the game. However, Gamestop was not informed that this voucher would be included, and therefore was not given an opportunity to take precautionary steps to prevent such a fiasco. Additionally, any blighted customers have reported compensation in forms ranging from $50 gift cards to Buy 2 Get 1 coupons – a pretty good deal, especially considering your save files don’t transfer between the two copies of Deus Ex, so it’s not like it was another avenue. It was just another playthrough on a different front. This is not to say there is no right to be upset, but it certainly isn’t going to stop me from doing business at Gamestop.

For those of you about to say “Yeah, but you work at Gamestop”…I realize this, but I’ve always been a supporter of Gamestop, especially when people complain about trade value. At least you can trade it in. I dare you to take your old box fan back to K-Mart and see what you can get for it.

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