Naughty Bear

Platform: PS3*/Xbox 360
Genre: Arcade

Players: 1 (Online: 1-4)
ESRB: Teen (Violence)


There was a lot of hope for Naughty Bear – a ridiculous game based on a teddy bear killing people. What could be more fun? Unfortunately, this wide appeal didn’t work out quite as well as one would have hoped.

If you aren’t familiar with Naughty Bear, it’s an arcade-style game where you earn points for killing other teddy bears (for various wrong-doings to yourself and the island you inhabit) as quickly and creatively as possible. You get machetes, guns, bear traps (the wittiness of this weapon just struck me as I wrote this…) and other fun things, not including the other environmental strategies (grinding a bear’s head on a record player or throwing one into a giant batter-mixer for example). What doesn’t sound awesome about that?

Naughty Bear is great fun for the first couple levels – no doubt about that. And if you want to master the game, it’s plenty difficult to rack up enough points for platinum trophies. However, the appeal wears off pretty fast, which many reviews before have said.

The narrator is hilarious and the kills are amusing, but the game only spans three worlds with the eight levels. This means that most of your kills are with the same weapons and situations. Your victims are generally the same – regular bears and police – though each level adds a variant enemy ranging from zom-bears to aliens. Each of these opponents has unique qualities that dictate the difficulty with which they are defeated.

Each level also has several different ways to play it – go through without being seen, don’t get harmed, etc. These variants coupled with a slew of well-designed achievements/trophies challenge you to play the game in different ways to keep the interest there, and if you can overcome the repetitiveness to accomplish these goals, this is definitely the game for you.

The Gold Edition is available at a bargain price with all the DLC, which makes the game totally worth the buy. It’s incredibly fun for the first couple hours, and there was a day when that was all the time a game took to complete, so it really does come down to bang for the buck, and the Gold Edition is all bang.

Technically, the game looks pretty decent and plays rather well. There aren’t any bugs to speak of, though the camera can be a bit frustrating at times. However, the game usually isn’t fast-paced enough for that to be a life-or-death thing.

In an attempt to make this dated review about an average game more relative, I’d like to note the absurdity of Lollipop Chainsaw on the 2012 horizon. This looks similarly fun in a ridiculous fashion, and I hope that Suda51 and his cohorts can overcome similar pitfalls to put out a really strong game that I’m totally stoked for.

Bottom Line: 7/10

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