Dead Space

Platform: PS3*/Xbox 360/PC
Genre: Third-Person Shooter/Survival Horror
Players: 1
ESRB: Mature (Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language)

Not a lot to say about Dead Space. It’s been a while since I played it and most people have been there, done that, but I like the site to function as not just a selection of work for potential employers but as a running archive of games I’ve played and what I thought, even if it’s not well fleshed-out.

Dead Space is a third-person shooter following Isaac Clarke, a space miner/repairman who finds himself in the middle of this alien plague that has taken over a ship called the Ishimura. His team was originally intended to repair the ship and instead ends up struggling for their lives.

I’m aware this is a Dead Space 2 picture. It’s in my backlog.

If you know one thing about Dead Space – it’s the Resident Evil of this generation. The Resident Evil series itself has lost a lot of the horror aspect. The franchise no longer really intends to scare you, but instead continues to unfold on this huge world and story revolving around Wesker, Redfield, Umbrella Corps etc. Dead Space revitalizes the scare and does it very well. Turn the lights down and keep some fresh underwear nearby.

The game offers a nice choice of weaponry for fighting off the alien horde. Unfortunately, you can only carry a few guns at a time, which is good in that you are limited in capacity, making the struggle all the more real, but many players may overlook some of the games weapons – so try them all. They’re all fun and unique enough that there’s a time and place for each.

The plot is great, too. We have quickly seen it evolve into a franchise with movies and books to build on the story as long as a couple other games. I’ve watched one of the movies, and while it isn’t great, it has important background for the events upon the Ishimura and catapults well into the game.

You also get a good feel for Isaac Clarke as an average guy in an above-average situation. He’s not a particularly adept fighter – his melee is just kind of a flail and he’s not particularly fast. No one trained him for this, so he’s just getting the job done. This is a nice change compared to many games that always have the perennial hero who saves the day every day.

Great game. Play it if you haven’t.

Bottom Line: 9/10

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