Resistance: Fall of Man

Platform: PS3*
Genre: First-Person Shooter
Players: 1-2
ESRB: Mature (Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language)

Resistance has been around a while at this point, with the third title on shelves, so I’ll just offer up a few quick thoughts.

A lot of the games battles, contrary to many of today’s popular shooters, take place in an area with some space to work with and several vantage points, giving the player choices with how to deal with each situation. Obviously these points aren’t equally well equipped for each battle, but that’s the fun: strategically determining which spot to occupy. Many times this carries over to moving through buildings and through levels – a couple different ways may lead you to the same point, and each way offers it’s own advantages.

The game can be really tough. You’ll be amply prepared when you go into each battle – there’s plenty of health and ammo to go around – but you should probably get a good look around your first go and find where any extra might be in the midst of these punishing battles. Especially towards the end, it’s very easy to get frustrated.

The first time you encounter an angel, it goes to a cutscene where Hale kills it – how lame is that? I want an epic battle versus this thing! This was pretty disappointing.

In true Insomniac fashion, there are a variety of weapons to work with. They aren’t all particularly useful, and you’ll probably find yourself sticking to assault rifles for the greater part of the game, but a couple of the situational weapons are very useful and implemented in that way rather well.

A few basic oversights, too. The zoom is a toggle, and you can’t change that. Meanwhile, you hold to duck instead of toggle that. This is counter-intuitive to any other game on the market. It’s not cute. Additionally, ducking doesn’t do you a whole lot of good behind most cover. You’ll still get hit, just a little less often. This is to say that you’ll still die. If you’re going to implement something like this, it needs to be a snap to cover or the cover needs to be taller, because at this point, it’s not even worth being there.

The story didn’t strike me as all that awesome. Perhaps over the course of the next games I’ll get more engrossed, but the game itself didn’t do much to keep the story moving, and the cutscenes were all awkwardly narrated by this woman instead of letting the events simply play out. It’s not that I don’t find myself curious about the fate of Nathan Hale – I’m just not itching to pop in the next game before I hit other stuff in my backlog.

The two-player mode is interesting. I’m not sure what’s going on exactly – some sort of alternative story – but playing split-screen sucks hard. Good luck seeing and hitting anything when the enemies are further away.

This game certainly doesn’t have me hooked on the series, but I will certainly get around to playing the second one sooner or later.

Bottom Line: 8/10

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