To Whom It May Concern:

I recently picked up the Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition, which resulted in my first experience with lag in the game making it unplayable – specifically in Nipton and most of Big MT in Old World Blues. I’m talking less than a frame per second at times. This sucks hard and can be really discouraging (especially considering you can’t leave Big MT until you’ve finished the DLC), and so I did some digging. For anyone suffering similar problems, I found a suggestion to restore the file system of the PS3.

This doesn’t get rid of any of your settings or files – it simply clears up the boot files of the Playstation, among others, to sort out any corrupted data. Cleaning house, in a way. This solved my problem and has been a huge relief, and while the information wasn’t particularly hard to find, I like to offer any help I can to the frustrated gamer.

This should also help with any other games lagging, XMB difficulties, etc. It’s as if you defragged your PC.

To boot up the Playstation in Safe Mode and do this, check out these instructions:

Note that option 5 formats your hard drive – bad idea! And before selecting any option, there’s no reason not to back up your hard drive. In fact, you should do this often, just in case. You never know when something will go wrong.

Here’s to another 20 hours in the Mojave Wasteland – “Mojave, mo’ problems”.


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