Iowa Pro Gaming Challenge Coming to Musings On Gaming

Good news, readers – I’m bringing you legit news next weekend! The Iowa Pro Gaming Challenge is taking place here in Des Moines next weekend, and I’ve secured a press pass to keep you updated on the event! While it’s not exactly GDC, competitive gaming has been gaining steam lately, and Des Moines is no stranger to success in the field (two-time World Pokemon Champion Ray Rizzo attends my school, Drake University. Check out my interview with him for the Times-Delphic).

This particular competition has been going since 2007 and has amassed quite the following and a ton of sponsors. Prizes include a ton of cash and various gear and accessories from sponsors. One of those sponsors is Epic Games, the guys behind Gears of War.

The three games being played will be Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, Gears of War 3, and Halo: Reach. Each bracket will encompass multiple game types, forcing players to get versatile. All games are 4v4. The Call of Duty will support both Search and Destroy and Capture the Flag. Gears players will be playing Execution and King of the Hill. Halo: Reach players will play through Team Slayer and Capture the Flag while following the Major League Gaming rules. Double elimination will separate the winners from the losers.

Big attendance is expected. There’s space for 32 MW3 teams and 16 for both Gears of War and Halo. The event is also being livestream via the Focus Fire feed on, with over 300,000 viewers anticipated.

Check-in starts at 8 a.m. on Saturday, March 9, and the competition starts at 10:30. I’ll be live-tweeting the event all day, so if you aren’t already, follow me @ethanclevenger! I will also provide a recap Saturday and Sunday evening via the blog, so keep it tuned here for all your Iowa Pro Gaming Challenge needs!

In the meantime, check out the Iowa Pro Gaming Challenge website for more information.

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