Iowa Pro Gaming Challenge – Days Away

The teams have been set for the big tourney this weekend, with 34 Call of Duty teams, 10 Halo teams and seven Gears of War teams, which is to be expected with today’s infatuation with the Call of Duty series.

Commentators have also been selected, including many Major League Gaming veterans and members of the Jet Set Studio and staff. As this is my first experience at one of these events, I’m not sure what to expect from these guys, but I’m excited to dive in.

On a side note, I will only be covering Saturday from the start to 1, as I have to go work at my job that actually earns me money, but I’ll be keeping an eye on the events to give a complete wrap-up here on the blog Saturday night.

All of this, of course, can be found on the Iowa Pro Gaming Challenge website here.

Until then, gear up. Spectator passes are still available if you want to get there yourself, as it seems they’re going to be raffling off some pretty sweet stuff over the course of the day for all attendees. Should I be the recipient of any such swag (not sure what the policy is for press), I may end up giving some away via the site to my active readers.

With the event just days away, however, I do want to comment on the seeming lack of diversity here at the tournament and with eSports in general. Outside of Starcraft, it seems that gamers without an Xbox are often ignored. While Call of Duty will be the industry standard, you can’t deny the following Starcraft has at many Major League Gaming events – why the snub here in Des Moines? Additionally, how about some PS3 love? Lots of PS3 COD players would want in on this, not to mention those playing titles like Uncharted 3 with their own robust multiplayer experience. Racing games and fighting games have also been neglected for three shooters, here.

How about it, readers? What titles do you want to see at TIPGC next year? Comment below!

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