Hey, I’m Ethan. Welcome to Musings on Gaming.

This is where I throw my thoughts on video games, their players and their creators. I have a lot of them. You’ll find my musings on games as art, reviews of games I’m playing, thoughts on upcoming releases or consoles and the occassional bit of original reporting. I recently had the chance to do my first release-day review, “Lights, Camera, Party!”, so hopefully more are on the way.

The banner at the top of each page gives you an idea of the titles I’m currently playing (those images all belong to their respective owners – none of them are my own work). On the right you’ll see recent posts, links to full archives, a breakdown for categories of posts and my Twitter feed. Follow me for the heads-up on new posts and abreviated musings. Finally, hit up the home page for the blog feed.

You’ve likely seen some of my work on Destructoid or Bitmob’s community blogs, and on Bitmob, you may have even seen me on the front page.

If you enjoy it, share it. Get the word out. Someday I hope to work at a company dedicated to these sorts of things, and so this is my ever-evolving portfolio.


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